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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Officers Association Symposium York 11th July

  The link for the event's website is:

CarillionAmey Self help - Fleas

Nobody likes fleas, they get everywhere and are hard to get rid of. In favourable conditions, one pair of breeding fleas can lead to 6000 fleas in four weeks and one female can lay up to 1000 eggs in a lifetime! They are laid on the host but can easily drop off into bedding, carpets or gaps in floorboards, making them really hard to remove.

Fleas are about 2-3mm long and have a flattened, pointed body shape enables them to burrow easily in amongst fur, hair or feathers making them really difficult to remove. They can also jump up to 22cm high!

If you come across fleas in your home, it is important that you carry out pre-treatment actions:
·                     Use a vacuum cleaner to remove as many fleas as possible from all life stages, the bag contents must be quickly disposed of away from the house to avoid the fleas coming back into the house
·                     Clear all floor space
·                     Begin treatment of pets and the home with insecticide, sprays, flea bombs, tablets or drops
During treatment you have to make sure the rooms are vacated of people and pets. Treat your house while you treat your pet and this will ensure they go for good.

You must not enter treated areas for 4 hours and do not vacuum for 14 days to allow the insecticide to work. It’s also hard to kill eggs and pupae this way so you will have to wait for them to hatch so they can be killed by the treatment. Vacuuming too soon may stop the treatment from working.

CA Move in Advice - Unknown Mail

You are advised to mark any mail not addressed to you as ‘return to sender’ and put it back into the postal system. Any utility bills not addressed to you can be passed back to your Accommodation Officer or Local Customer Service Centre Advisor (if you have one).

Easy Resettlement Magazine - Summer 2018

SSAFA Stepping Stone Homes

Monday, 18 June 2018

Ferry Discounts

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Click on image to enlarge
Click on image to enlarge

Please click on the link below to view the following leaflets:

AA Armed Services member stories (UK) Brian
AA Armed Services member stories (UK) Fred
AA member pamphlet 1: Is AA for you?
AA member pamphlet 2: Now that you've stopped
AA member pamphlet 3: Who me
AA member pamphlet 4: 15 points
AA member pamphlet 5: A newcomer asks

Samaritans Free To Call Service

U105 PRESENTER Carolyn Stewart has opened a new 
Operations Room in the Bangor and North Down Branch 
of Samaritans.
Samaritans has had a presence in Bangor for over 40 years 
and the building at 92 Dufferin Avenue has recently 
undergone substantial refurbishment to the hub of 
where volunteers take their calls on the
telephone, by text, email and face to face.
In opening the refurbishment Carolyn said, 
“I am delighted to have been asked to open this 
new refurbished Operations Room at Bangor and North 
Down Samaritans.  Everyone struggles at some
point, or feels overwhelmed by what’s happening in 
their lives and it can be difficult to talk, even to people 
you feel close to.
“Therefore it’s good to know that Samaritans volunteers 
are here to listen, round the clock, every day of the year, 
to help people work through their problems.”
Director of Samaritans Bangor, Deirdre Walsh, took the 
opportunity to announce Samaritans Free to Call 
service, 116 123 which was launched on September 22. 
She stated, “Already, in the one week since Freecall was 
launched, calls to our branches have increased
substantially and this illustrates the extent to which 
cost is a constraint to vulnerable people facing financial 
and other hardships.
“Those people can now reach us even when they 
can’t afford the cost of a call or have run out of minutes 
or credit on their phone and the call won’t appear on 
a phone bill.
“This is a huge step forward in ensuring that anyone 
struggling can access our services. And that is why these 
refurbishments are so important to us. It is important 
that our 58 volunteers have appropriate
and up-to-date premises, facilities and equipment 
to allow us to support our callers and also to help us to 
attract and retain new volunteers so that 
we can reach an even greater number of people.”
Deirdre thanked North Down Cycling Club for their 
generous donation which contributed substantially to 
the cost of the refurbishment and she
also thanked the 60 volunteers in the Bangor and 
North Down branch for their commitment to 
supporting those in need of emotional support
and who between them answered close to 
17,000 calls in 2014.
Samaritans is available round the clock, every single 
day of the year. It provides a safe place for anyone 
struggling to cope, whoever they are, however they 
are feeling and whatever life has done to them.
Please call 116 123, email, 
text 07725 90 90 90
or visit to find details of the 
nearest branch.

An Original Music Special for Forces Radio BFBS

Lenny Fontana’s House Sound of New York

Legendary House DJ and producer Lenny Fontana has recorded an exclusive two-hour music special for Forces Radio BFBS.
Fontana shares personal anecdotes about his life and career with Forces Radio BFBS Producer, Neil Moore, starting with his formative years in New York when he absorbed a diverse range of music.
Fontana says: “It was one of the deepest and most candid interviews I was ever asked to be a part of. A very proud moment to share my history and personal experiences.”
The soundtrack to this unique programme weaves through the early sounds of Philly and the Disco era, then follows Fontana’s DJing years during the House music of the 80s and 90s, and onto the launch of his Karmic Power Records label in 2013.
“Spending time with someone who has had such an amazing and varied life within the dance music industry and being able to share that story was a true privilege,” says producer Neil Moore. “I challenge anyone not to get drawn in to Lenny’s amazing story telling and a musical soundtrack that’s second to none.”

Join Neil Moore for Lenny Fontana’s House Sound of New York on Friday 22nd June from 7pm (UKT) and then on

Forces Radio BFBS is available in the UK on FM, DAB, DAB+, via the BFBS Radio app, on Sky 0211, Freesat 786 and catch up or listen again via


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