Tuesday, 6 October 2015

JSHAO Civilian Housing Advice - Information Handout Index

The Information Handouts listed below are available for download and printing on the JSHAO web pages via www.gov.uk. They are held as PDF documents and of multiple pages.  Visithttps://www.gov.uk/government/publications/joint-service-housing-advice-office-leaflet-index for direct access to the list or alternatively use the gov.uk search engine and type JSHAO from where you can access the contents.

JSHAO/01 Housing Options
JSHAO/02 Occupation of Service Family Accommodation
 • Discharge from Service
 • Marital Breakdown
 • Notice to Vacate and Irregular Occupancy
JSHAO/03 Forces Help to Buy
JSHAO/04 House Purchase
 • Applying for a Mortgage
 • Problems Getting a Mortgage
 • Buy-to-Let
 • Buying at Auction
 • Finding a Solicitor
JSHAO/05 Affordable Home Ownership Schemes - England
 • Help to Buy: UK Mortgage Guarantee
 • Help to Buy: Equity Loan
 • Help to Buy: NewBuy
 • Shared Ownership

 • Help to Buy Agents
JSHAO/06 Affordable Home Ownership Schemes – Wales
 • Help to Buy: UK Mortgage Guarantee
 • Help to Buy: Shared Equity Loan
 • Homebuy
 • Homes Within Reach Shared Equity
 • Rent First
JSHAO/07 Affordable Home Ownership Schemes – Northern Ireland
 • Help to Buy: UK Mortgage Guarantee
 • Co-ownership
JSHAO/08 Housing Options in Scotland
JSHAO/09 Social Housing
 • Applying for Social Housing
 • Local Connection
 • Housing Associations
 • Choice Based Lettings
 • Social Housing in Scotland
JSHAO/10 MOD Referral Scheme
JSHAO/12 Private Rental
JSHAO/13 Choosing a Financial Advisor
JSHAO/14 Removals
JSHAO/15 Understanding Council Tax
JSHAO/16 Citizenship and Housing Need
JSHAO/17 Organisations Providing Accommodation Support and
Advice to Armed Forces Personnel and Veterans
JSHAO/18 Local Authorities in London
JSHAO/19 Local Authorities in the South East of England
JSHAO/20 Local Authorities in the South West of England
JSHAO/21 Local Authorities in the West Midlands of England
JSHAO/22 Local Authorities in the East Midlands
JSHAO/23 Local Authorities in the East of England
JSHAO/24 Local Authorities in Yorkshire and Humberside
JSHAO/25 Local Authorities in the North West of England
JSHAO/26 Local Authorities in the North East of England
JSHAO/27 Local Authorities in Wales
JSHAO/28 Local Authorities in Northern Ireland

Information extracted from the Oct 2015 issue of JSHAO Housing Matters Magazine

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