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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Your Service Family Accommodation - Dealing with damp and mould

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Tiggers Palace Nursery Palace Bks

If you have a child aged 3 on or before 1st July 2018 your child is eligible for a funded pre-school place in September 1028. 
Please contact us to discuss funding for Children of Military Personnel following their 3rd Birthday.

For more info call 02890 420253, ruth.tiggers@gmx.co.uk  or contact the HIVE for more info.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Service Leaver's Guide

This booklet has been produced to provide help and advice on a range of topics as you plan for your transition to civilian life. It aims to give useful information on the sort of help you can  get, who can provide it and the action you need to take.

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Service Leavers - Find The Right Training For Your Next Career

Monday, 11 December 2017

What Does The HIVE Do? and How Can It Help?

The HIVE Information Service is available to all members of the Service Community – serving personnel both married and single, together with their families and dependants as well as civilians employed by the Services.
The HIVE offers an extensive range of information on a whole manner of subjects including:

UK and Overseas Relocation
SFA and SLA Accommodation
Housing Choices
Childcare and Early Years Provision
Schools and Colleges
Adult Education
Hotels, B&Bs and Contact Housing
Shopping and Discount Outlets
Leisure and Recreation for Families
Military Discounts
School Holiday Activities
Transition/Resettlement Support

In addition, the HIVE can offer support to families whose loved ones are currently on deployment.  
This includes:
Full Deployment Packs for Families
Signposting for Storybooks to Purchase; recording with Storybook Soldiers
Children’s Activity Books.  

Friday, 8 December 2017

Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee (VAPC) – New Members

Veterans UK is part of the Ministry of Defence with responsibility for the administration of Compensation and Pension Schemes and for the provision of Welfare services to veterans. It also acts as the Sponsor Department for the Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee (VAPC), a Non-Departmental Public Body whose Chairmen and Members are appointed by the Minister for Defence Personnel and Veterans. 

The roles of the VAPC include raising awareness of the War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Schemes, the Veterans UK Welfare Service and the availability of cross government support to Veterans and their families assisting veterans in accessing local services as envisaged under the Armed Forces Covenant. The VAPC also provide support to Veterans UK by monitoring its welfare service and assisting individuals with any problems or complaints they have regarding the war pensions or AFCS claims process and much more besides.

The VAPC is looking for new members for 12 of its 13 regional committees and 2 Chairmen, one to lead the Wales committee and another to lead the South East committee. The positions are voluntary, unpaid roles but travel, subsistence and loss of earnings may be payable.

For full details please see these links

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Easy Resettlement Magazine - Winter 2017

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Military Wives 'Missing Out' On Up To £30,000 Of Pension

Wives or partners of those who have served abroad in the armed forces may be missing out on pension payments worth thousands of pounds.
Last year the government launched a scheme to offer National Insurance Credits to 20,000 military spouses.
But following a Freedom of Information Request, insurance firm Royal London discovered that fewer than 4,000 people have applied for it so far.
The payments could be worth up to £30,000 over the course of retirement.

Combat Stress

Combat Stress is the  UK’s leading charity for veterans’ mental health.

For almost a century, we’ve helped former servicemen and women deal with issues like trauma, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Today, we provide support to veterans from every service and every conflict. On the phone and online. In the community and at our treatment centres.

We’re on a mission to raise awareness that invisible injuries can be just as hard to cope with as physical ones. So when a veteran is having a tough time, we’re there to help tackle the past and to help them take on the future.

For further information, to ask for help or to volunteer your services. 

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Whats on In North Down & Ards

For information on the whole of Northern Ireland please visit:http://www.discovernorthernireland.com/ and while in Northern Ireland please visit any of the 31 networked Tourist Information Centres.
For North Down and Ards go to  visitardsandnorthdown.com

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Winter readiness checklist - 12 things you can do to prepare

Winter readiness checklist - 12 things you can do to prepare

It always pays to be prepared for winter. There are a few simple steps you can take to prepare yourself, your vehicle and your home or business. And is there anyone else you can help prepare for winter? Perhaps a neighbour, friend, elderly relative?

1. Get your flu jab    

Flu affects people in different ways. If you are healthy you will usually shake it off within a week, but for young children, older people with chronic health conditions, it can be very serious.  The annual flu vaccination is offered free to people who are most at risk from the effects of flu. Find out more about flu vaccinations and who is eligible for a free one.

2. Top up anti-freeze screen wash

It is advisable to use a screen wash additive as this helps to keep the windscreen free of dirt and winter road grime caused by road salting and gritting which can cause visibility issues. There is also the risk of a frozen windscreen which is another reason to ensure you use a proper anti-freeze screen wash. Read more about preparing your car for winter.

3. Check your tyres

Not only is it dangerous to drive in winter conditions with low levels of tread on your vehicle’s tyres, it’s also illegal. Check your tyres regularly to avoid a fine of £2500 and three penalty points per tyre found below the legal depth. Read more about tyres and vehicle checks to make before a long journey.

4. Think about a winter kit for your car

If you get stuck in your car in winter it could be dangerous, so get a winter car kit ready: ice scraper, de-icer, jump leads, shovel, blanket, sunglasses (for winter glare from the low sun), torch. Get all these things ready before the start of winter and then keep them in the car - you never know when you might need them. For longer trips think about food, water and medicines too. Here's what should be in your winter car kit.

5. Consider alternative commuting plans for severe weather

It’s worth thinking about how you might get to work in the event of severe weather. Sometimes roads may be more affected than the rail network, but on other occasions the opposite may be true. Can you work from home if travel is not advised? Consider your alternative options and discuss with your employer so if the weather does turn you’re already prepared.

6. Check your heating – your home should be heated to at least 18 °C

Cold weather can be a risk to your health, particularly if you are over 65 or have health conditions. The cold thickens blood and increases blood pressure, and breathing in cold air can increase the risk of chest infections.
Your home (and those of your elderly relatives and neighbours) should ideally be at least 18 °C. During cold spells, keep your windows closed at night as this could cause a real drop in the temperature indoors.   Find out more about heating your home and ways you can save money.

7. Consider how you would access vital information if a storm takes out power and phonelines

We are so reliant on the internet, but if a storm meant power and mobile phone networks were affected, what would you do?  Consider a separate battery charger, and you could store key information such as the power cut helpline number (105) on your phone. Find out more about dealing with a power cut.

8. Know where your stoptap is

Do you know where your stoptap (also called stopcock) is? It’s something you should know so you can turn off the water to your home quickly should there be a problem. Most are under the kitchen sink, or sometimes in a cupboard, garage or cellar. Read more about frozen or burst pipes.

9. Think about what may be impacted by strong winds – guttering, pipes, roof tiles/slates, garden items

In windy weather surprising things can become dangerous. Trees or branches can come down, cast iron guttering could be lethal and so can roof slates. Garden furniture and even children’s toys and trampolines can fly around causing damage and potential harm. Read more about preparing your property for winter weather and storms.

10. Check whether you are at risk of flooding

Check if you are at risk of flooding using a simple postcode search. Sign up for free flood warnings: if you live in an area at risk of flooding you could get free flood warnings direct to your mobile, home phone, or email. Know what to do in a flood: download the Environment Agency’s ‘Prepare Act Survive’ flood guide. Find out more at https://floodsdestroy.campaign.gov.uk/ and read about protecting your property from flooding.

11. Freeze a loaf of bread and pint of milk for times of bad weather

Thinking about a few freezer-friendly foods and how to combine them with store cupboard staples means you can still serve up a feast for the family - even if you can’t get out to the shops. Read more tips for sensible stocking up and making the most of what's in the cupboards.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Little Troopers Treasures

Little Troopers Treasures is a project LTT partnered with Harper Collins, to bring children's books to forces families, currently there are nine books available to record.

The service family downloads the app then creates a family login, the service person then logs in wherever they may be (WIFI needed) or before they go away and records some stories, the app captures their face, voice and the book pages.

Once done the app zips up the story with lots of love and immediately the service child can go to the Little Trooper mode of the family login and there will be a surprise story waiting! They can watch the stories, or listen, over and over again.

There are also some free supporting resources for families to accompany this app, a weekly planner sheet to print off and use plus separation diaries for both parent and child to complete while separated and then share once reunited.

All the information and download links plus the resources files to print 
off can be found HERE

Monday, 13 November 2017

Monday, 6 November 2017

Monday, 30 October 2017

Military & Family Publications - Latest Issues Out Now

Just some of the latest issues of magazines available to pick up (Free) from the HIVE

Army Mediation Service

MOD Services Cotswold Centre - Short Term Accommodation

The Services Cotswold Centre (SCC) is a tri-service facility managed by Headquarters Army Welfare Service (AWS) and funded by Headquarters Support Commands (HQ Sp Comd) on behalf of the MOD. It provides short term transit accommodation for service personnel, their spouses, civil partners and families.

The SCC accommodation comprises of 60 self contained chalet style homes and is located near Corsham, Wiltshire UK.

To Book Telephone: civilian 01225 810 358, military (9)4382 4521

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Extended FREE Childcare Entitlement in Overseas Locations - Are you Posted Overseas?

The MOD has published a document giving information about free childcare entitlement in overseas locations. AFF has compiled a summary of the regulations. 

The MOD aims to provide services similar to those in England where possible, whilst recognising the support that is given elsewhere in the UK to all eligible Service Personnel.
Currently, the MOD provides 15 hours of childcare per week for 38 weeks of the year for three and four year olds in places at MOD-provided settings, or through access to the MOD Overseas Nursery Allowance.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Service Leavers: Healthcare Information and Guidance for Service Personnel

A Guide for Service Families: UK Education Systems

If you have any Northern Ireland specific educational queries please contact the NI Children's Education Support Officer on 02892 266347.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Armed Forces Pension - Handy Information At Your Fingertips

Using your smartphone, you can now access all things to do with the Armed Forces Pension super quickly, and in one nifty place including the Pension Calculator. 
This facility is quick and easy access to enable you to find out more about your Armed Forces pension and what it is worth.  It provides handy links to more in depth pension information and booklets if required and the pension calculator where a personalised forecast can be generated in a matter of minutes.  It is a one stop shop for you as current serving personnel and veterans accessible anywhere via your Smartphones.
To save it to your smartphone, simply load the website by typing in grablife.moneyforce.org.uk to your browser. Then click on the 'menu' button (Android) or tap on the 'add to homescreen' function on the Safari control bar (Apple) and then you will see your own icon appear to use as you need it!

Waste & Recycling Antrim Area Council

To find out more about recycling in Antrim area click on link below:

Friday, 22 September 2017

CivvyStreet Jobs Board

In response to feedback from registered users, CivvyStreet has launched a dedicated Jobs Board for the Ex-Service community. Civvystreetjobs.com provides enhancements to the jobs board within the main CivvyStreet site and makes it easier to search for jobs that match your needs. Further enhancements are to follow and many more employers are registering with lots more vacancies.

This month, CivvyStreet registered employers have posted 300+ new jobs already. These are jobs that employers would specifically like to recruit candidates from the Service community.

Please CLICK HERE to access many great job vacancies up on the CivvyStreet jobs board.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Monday, 18 September 2017

Forces TV On Freeview


·        New, exclusive and powerful behind-the-scenes military documentaries Warrior Women: Making US Marines and In Kabul: Britain’s Military in Afghanistan

·        Cult classics Knight Rider and Street Hawk return to our screens

·        Plus, military favourites including Hogan’s Heroes and Goodnight Sweetheart

This October, Forces TV, the home of entertainment and military life, releases a host of new programmes, to mark its launch on Freeview channel 96.

The new schedule will combine Forces TV’s unique blend of military and action-themed drama, comedy and factual programming, with news about UK Forces.

New Factual Shows

Forces Stories: a brand new series of factual military programmes which delve into military life and the Armed Forces.

This series starts with In Kabul: Britain’s Military in Afghanistan, a half-hour documentary which takes an in-depth look at the current presence of the British Armed Forces in Kabul, to train, advise and assist the Afghanistan national defence and security forces. Airs, Tuesday 17th October at 6pm.

Warrior Women: Making US Marines, is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the training of women in the United States Marines.  At a time when gender equality is never out the news, Warrior Women: Making US Marines takes a detailed look at the treatment of women in the US Marines training process. Airs, Tuesday 24th October at 6pm.

Poacher Patrol, follows the work of UK Armed Forces veterans in the frontline, training the new female patrols at war with lethal poachers in South Africa’s game reserves teams. Airs Tuesday 31st October at 6pm.

New Entertainment

With reports that a new Knight Rider series is in the works…what better time to bring the original cult programme back on our screens and witness Michael Knight, (David Hasselhoff, Baywatch) fighting for justice alongside his super powered, intelligent souped-up Pontiac Trans-Am KITT, voiced by William Daniels (The Graduate). Knight Rider series 1 starts from Tuesday 17th October at 10pm.

Forces TV continues to salute the 80s and provide a solid dose of customary overdone hairdos and excessive outfits, with the return of Street Hawk. This high action classic, sees desk-bound cop Jessie Mach (Rex Smith) secretly fight crime as the test pilot for a prototype combat motorcycle. If that’s not enough to get you excited then look out for a very young, future Oscar winner George Clooney sporting poofed-up hair and a medallion in episode 2. Street Hawk, series 1 starts from Friday 20th October at 10pm.

Plus, Forces TV favourite classics including Hogan’s Heroes (series 1-6 double episodes, daily at 8pm) and Goodnight Sweetheart (double episodes daily, at 4pm) will continue to feature in the new schedule.

Forces TV will also be showing two additional home-grown entertainment shows. Rated: Gaming and Movies with Cassidy Little (starts Thursday 19th October at 6pm) is presented by Cassidy, the fast-talking former Royal Marine medic who lost his leg in Afghanistan in 2011 and danced his way to become The People’s Strictly for Comic Relief.  This review show allows him to indulge his twin passions for video games and movies. And Forces 360, a brand new weekly topical show which gets under the skin of current UK military operations, training and technology, as well as telling remarkable and inspiring stories about the bravest and most brilliant of the UK’s military men and women, past and present. Starts Monday 16th October at 6pm.  

Forces TV’s UK and international news teams will also continue to deliver unique coverage of the work of the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force on its flagship programme Forces News, daily at 5:30pm and 6:30pm.